Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup Goals Animation

World Cup

London-based artist and filmmaker Richard Swarbrick used rotoscoping of some of the most famous moments in World Cup history to create this montage of animated scenes, complete with period commentary which was part of the moment. The result is quite impressionistic and artistic, dulling the rough edges and making the moments flow.

World Cup

The World Cup is not nearly as followed here in the States as it is overseas, so there may not be much interest in this. However, if you are looking for an introduction to the romance of football, then this animation is a great start. There are plenty of World Cup fans out there.

World Cup

Now, a real fan will know each and every one of these goals! Actually, to recognize them all you'd have to be a huge fan of the World Cup. But I've compiled a list for you below.

World Cup

The goals are, in order (I believe):
  1. Baggio (for Italy against Czechoslovakia ) 1990
  2. Maradona (for Argentina against England) 1986
  3. Klinsmann (for Germany against S. Korea) 1994
  4. Owen (for England against Argentina) 1998
  5. Torres (for Spain against Ukraine) 2006
  6. Bergkamp (for Netherlands against Argentina) 1998
  7. Zico (for Brazil against New Zealand) 1982
  8. Alberto (for Brazil against Italy) 1970 (with the sweetest most laid back assist from Pele)
There you go! Enjoy the animation.


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