Thursday, June 5, 2014

Still Life (2013) - Student Short Wins Prize at Cannes

Still Life
"Still Life."
Still Life (2013) - Student Short Wins Prize at Cannes.

 "Still Life," a six-minute animated short from five student animators from Bentleigh, a town just outside of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, has won the American Pavilion Best Emerging Filmmaker award at Cannes.

The short shows the thoughts of an idle museum security guard as he imagines himself inside of a variety of paintings. If it sounds like an old episode of "Night Gallery," you're either a big fan of Rod Serling or know your tv trivia.

Martin Sharpe directed and produced, while Pablo Tochez-Anderson did concept art, matte painting and worked on the animation, Brennan Merrett did Vehicle Modelling and Animation, Jeremy Weppner did Character Modelling and Animation, and Will Lovett did Environment Modelling and Lighting and Rendering.

Sounds as the fellas got their money's worth at their animation school. Congratulations!

The short was the team's final project at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and decided after graduation to submit the finished and polished work to film festivals. With this success, they may form their own animation studio.

"Still Life" debuted at Tropfest Australia, where it picked up the equivalent of fourth place, so winning it all at Cannes was quite unexpected.

Still Life
"Still Life."
From the youtube site:
Life is never still for long.
Directed by Martin Sharpe
Produced by Martin Sharpe
Tropfest Australia 22 Finalist TSI "Change"


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