Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cats in Space! from DreamWorksTV

Cats in Space
Cats in Space!
Cats in Space! from DreamWorksTV.

DreamWorksTV is still at it. Here, we have a charming video, "Cats in Space?!"

This is great for little kids. And there's a surprise at the end!

From the youtube page:

MEANWHILE... In Space.... cats are a thing.

→ Credits ←
Created By: Derek Baynham, Kelly May & Calum Worthy
Written By: Derek Baynham, Kelly May & Calum Worthy
Character designs By: Micah Lewis
Animation by: Alex Bernstein at LowBrow Studios
Spencer: Nicholas Roye
Andy: Patrick Cavanaugh
Luna: Lila Luccetti
Produced by: PYE Digital & WonderShop Digital
Executive Producer: Birkner Rawlings


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