Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Santolo," Animation in a Cemetery

Llamarada Santolo

"Santolo," Animation in a Cemetery.

Panteon de Dolores / Santolo / Llamarada from Ciudad Intervenida on Vimeo.

Llama Rada is a group of animators in Mexico City who are working to turn many of the beautiful and historically significant public spaces there into showcases for their art. They are directed, at least in this video, by Alejandro Garcia Cabbalero.

Here, the animators are doing their thing in a cemetery, Panteon Dolores.

Anybody who has been to Mexico knows all about their laser light shows for the pyramids and other ruins from the Mayans and so forth. This animation takes that one step beyond in an alternately fun and morbid animation, "Santolo."

Llamarada Santolo

Probably the weirdest thing about the animation is that is less creepy than just plain weird. Very vibrant and kind of violent. Which is fun. And creepy. But fun. And creepy.

Anyway, what I can say about it definitively is that it is Mexican. And very creepy, I mean good. Very good.

I like it. Maybe you will, too.

Llamarada Santolo

This may be the first Mexican animation on here, and if so, well, they deserve it. Great job.

From the page:
Colorido Mapping y animacion de personajes en el cementerio, realizado por los chicos de Llamarada
Colorful Mapping and character animation in the cemetery, done by the guys from Llamarada
part of the project:


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