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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Everything to Know About Planet Earth

Everything You need to Know about Planet Earth

This is a breezy 7-minute animation from Kurzgesagt that explains everything that you need to know about Planet Earth and puts it all in perspective.

In essence, this contains about a week's worth of science information from your old grammar school. If you are taking a test on the structure of Earth and what is underneath your feet, this is the video to watch! Or if you are curious about the magnetic fields that are all about us.

These folks put out videos explaining all sorts of things in the world and universe around us. Why? Who knows. They can be fun, though, and teach a few things that you may idly have wondered about for no good reason. Some of the titles of their other vides are "Three Ways to Destroy the Universe," "How Evolution Works," and "The Gulf Stream and Climate Change."

For example: how high does the atmosphere extend? How low does the earth's crust go? Simple facts that we're all too busy and preoccupied to ever actually look up. But there is is, all in a seven-minute animation.

Everything You need to Know about Planet Earth
Creation of the Earth and Moon


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