Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cool Experimental Animation About Drones

A Dark Future


Prepare yourself for a dark world full of nosy drones!

Dysco from Simon Russell on Vimeo.

"Dysco" is a vision of a dystopian future made by animator Simon Russell. As he states on his page:
Dysco is a 3D experimental short by Simon Russell about synesthetic drones, neon dubstep and the surveillance state.
It is kind of like "Terminator," only without Arnold. The design is top-notch, the music/animation and choreography are great - if you are into these types of animations, you should enjoy this one.

Dysco is kind of dark, but very detailed
There is also a cool "making of" video for those who are really into this:

The Making Of Dysco from Simon Russell on Vimeo.

Very nice job, this shows how much fun animation can be!


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