Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cool Global Weather Pattern Animation

Weather animation from Google Earth - Alaska, Feb 2013

This is a cool animation from Google Earth which we spotted on the University of Alaska at Fairbanks website that shows weather patterns. It is not topical - this is a weather system from February 2013 - but interesting nonetheless because similar patterns are in play all the time.

The video is centered on Alaska. One thing you can say about Alaska - they get a lot of extreme weather. As you can see, Alaska is a prime weather spot where weather patterns develop that then descend upon North America. Standing back and seeing the whole picture like this is very useful in understanding a little more about how weather forecasts are made.

Unlike weather videos that you see on the news, this video covers an extended period: five weeks. Videos like this are only going to get better over time and provide a better understanding of how wherever you live is impacted by weather events that originate far away.

From youtube:
approx. 1 frame-per-hour captured over 5 weeks; Google Earth's radar and cloud layers. Missing image gaps are evident; future videos of this type will likely omit the stubbornly sticky radar layer...
Also, below is a video about the water cycle, in case you are interested. The video shows the interplay between population density and water distribution patterns. It does not have a lot of animation, but we're not doctrinaire about things. Some folks may find it interesting if they are into climate and weather issues. We found it interesting, and shows how animation is used in teaching tools these days.


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