Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oxford Sparks - Towards Absolute Zero

Oxford Sparks Towards Absolute Zero
Oxford Sparks

"Oxford Sparks" is an animation series about real science that is produced by Oxford University. The series is intended to present basic science topics to a general audience. It stars Ossie, a little green guide who takes us through basic science topics that include extremely cold temperatures, the Large Hadron Collider, and several others.

This is episode 2, "Towards Absolute Zero." In it, we learn the effects of different temperatures, all the way down to absolute zero.

The series is fun because it does not take itself too seriously, but does get into the outer limits of basic science. There is usually a nugget or two in each episode that the ordinary layman wouldn't know, such as the idea of matter merging together to form waves as it approaches absolute zero.

There are five episodes in all so far. You may learn more about the science behind this animation here.

Oxford Sparks Toward Absolute Zero


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