Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tsunami Animation

tsunami earthquake

There was an earthquake just off the coast of South America on April 1, 2014. It was measured at 8.3 magnitude on the Richter scale (revised up from 8.2) and triggered tsunami warnings for communities along the coast of Chile.

Tsunami warning for Pacific nations were put in place but then lifted shortly after the earthquake. Reports of six-foot waves in the Chilean town of Pisagua, in the Tarapacá Region, followed, but nothing more severe. It could have been a disaster, but apparently the greater part of the force of the earthquake was directed outward into the ocean.

This video animation is from the US National Weather Service Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. It depicts the wave path over the course of 30 hours following the earthquake. It is interesting to note how one of the direct targets of an earthquake near South America isn't anywhere near South America at all, but instead is New Zealand.

Credit: YouTube/US NWS Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

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