Monday, April 7, 2014

"Woodoo" - Animated Stop-Motion Short from Andre Maat

Andre Maat Woodoo

WOODOO from Andre Maat on Vimeo.

"Woodoo" is an amusing stop-motion animation short from commercial director Andre Maat. The animated short turns laser-cut wood pieces into elastic shapes that appear to be stretched and bent by hand. Over the course of the video, the wood is transformed into a Zippo-style lighter, lips blowing smoke rings and, eventually, a pair of legs that are ultimately burned to the ground.

Maat also used stop-motion wood play in his 2012 short, ‘Bad Bugs.’ That animated short featured an army of wooden insects devouring a series of handbags.

Maat writes:
Thanks to Mike Zonneveld (hands), Lux&Co (lighting), Fablab Amsterdam (lasercutting), (sound fx), Chop Wood (music).


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