Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Costa Concordia Animation

Costa Concordia
Costa Concordia

Ever wonder what really happened with that cruise ship that grounded ashore and capsized in Italy?

To the soothing strains of the theme to "Titanic," we see a 3D recreation of the last voyage (under its own power) of the ill-fated Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia. It ran aground on Isola del Giglio after it contacted an object on the seafloor during a planned near-shore salute to the local islanders. The ship was abandoned upon orders of Captain Francesco Schettino, and 32 people lost their lives.

Costa Concordia, operated by Costa Cruises, is one of the largest ships ever to be abandoned on the high seas and was later salvaged and sold for scrap. The sinking was a major scandal, and as of the time of this writing, the Captain remains on trial for various charges.

This is a serious animation intended to give a realistic portrayal of the actual events, with little signs showing what people said and did at particular times. The animation pays respect to the people who lost their lives by listing their names at the end.

Models and animation by Peter Olsen, Brighton-le-Sands, Sydney, Australia.

Costa Concordia
Costa Concordia


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