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"Good Grief" (2012) - Awesome Short Animation about Coping with Grief

Good Grief Fiona Dalwood

Good Grief from FiDalwood on Vimeo.

"Good Grief" is a serious 7-minute documentary from Fiona Dalwood about grief.

Most of the animation on this site is about animation as entertainment. However, life is not just about laughs, and neither is animation.

If you aren't in a serious mood, don't watch the video. We're not trying to bring you down. However, these animations can and do help ordinary people cope with catastrophic issues in their lives.

Good Grief Fiona Dalwood

This features a series of conversations about losing something irreplaceable (death, dismemberment) and tries to make us see that people must march on regardless. These are real people talking about real issues. They are not seeking your sympathy, they just were asked to tell their story, and they tell it. There is lighthearted stop-motion animation, and we'll let you draw your own conclusions as to why this is appropriate in such a serious subject - and it is.

The animation is simple and straightforward. As with the best animation, it is the message that is important, not the theatrics. Claymation makes us realize that these are basic, fundamental issues that are part of life, like childhood.

"Good Grief" is an educational animation that we are showing, among other reasons, to continue our exploration of the many important and unexpected uses to which animation can be put these days. If our showing it brings it to the attention of one person who can draw any benefit from it, that is worth the effort.

As the video's page says:
"Made in 2012, Good Grief has screened at 19 festivals worldwide and won numerous awards."
Written, directed and animated by Fiona Dalwood (
Produced by Jonno Katz (
Music by Matthew Nicholson (
Sound by Livia Ruzic
Voice cast (interview subjects): Dan Michael, Alex De Vos, Sarah De Vos, Andrew O'Sullivan, Dana Katz
© 2012 VCA School of Film & Television, The University of Melbourne, Australia (

It's not often we get responses from the filmmakers, but here's a great one!

Good Grief Fiona Dalwood

Thank you!


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