Thursday, April 10, 2014

Science Animation - Protein Packing

protein packing
Animation of the inner life of a cell.

This is a fascinating video for anyone who studied biology in high school or college or beyond. This is the best to date animation for the inner life of a cell

Cells are packed full of proteins that are chaotically vibrating with Brownian motion. It is not all neat and clean as the textbooks depict.

This is a brand new animation from Xvivo, a company that has been working with Harvard University’s BioVisions project on developing animations that explain biology at the microscopic scale.

This is not their first animation, but it is their first that includes proteins. This was not an easy animation and required crunching all sorts of data.

We don't expect everyone to enjoy things like this, but some folks will be fascinated at seeing what is taking place inside all of us. Every doctor or medical student may find this of interest because it is one-of-a-kind and insight to the real inner workings of the body in a way never achieved before. You are seeing cutting edge stuff here, there is nothing finer in the world at depicting what you are seeing here.


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