Thursday, April 17, 2014

Solar Flare Animation

solar flare
Solar Flare

Below is the animation. It is kind of subtle, but it does show the flare developing.

solar flare

Solar flares are tough to film, but there are some who like to do it. They are a rare breed and have to have just the right equipment and know precisely what they are looking for and doing.

This is one such animation. Note that it is a big file and may take a while to download.

As stated on the original site:
I sat waiting pretty much all day hoping our star was going to throw off a large M class or even X class flare so I could record it as an animation, alas it never did. 
I did manage this animation of a long protracted C1 class flare, with a small C2 burst.  This was taken using the 100mm PST mod at f20 with the DMK31 camera, taking 4 avis a minute to try and avoid as much temporal distortion as possible,  the animation is 108 frames and spans 27 minutes real time in the life of our star. 
Now I know this method works, i'm looking forward to capturing more powerful flares in the future, hopefully! 
Posted by Mark Townley at Thursday, April 17, 2014 


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