Friday, May 30, 2014

Growth of US Shopping Malls and Dollar Stores Animations

Growth of Shopping Malls in the US

Mall growth in the United States during the 20th Century.
Growth of US Shopping Malls and Dollar Stores Animations. It is no secret that malls boomed during the 20th Century. In fact, new malls were built every year from the 1950s to 2007, the first year when no new malls were built.

Another interesting phenomenon is the growth in "dollar stores," or those that charge a dollar for anything in the store.

Dollar store growth over time.
Dollar stores have become much more popular in recent years. This animation shows their growth over a ten-year span from 2008-2018. They really expanded greatly following the 2008-2009 recession.

Dollar store growth in the southeast.
The growth of Dollar stores has been especially powerful in the southeastern section of the United States, as shown in the above animation.

I love these kinds of animations, which tell a story covering decades in a simple animation.

Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall
Roosevelt Field Shopping Mall on Long Island


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