Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Volcano," a Fun School Project that Bursts with Attitude


"Volcano," a Fun School Project that Bursts with Attitude.

VOLCANO from Julien Loth on Vimeo.

"Volcano" is a fun little animation made by Julien Loth, a student who wound up his animation schooling with this.

A trio of large, smug brown volcanoes burbles happily. Then, a small blue volcano appears to show them that he, too, can play their game.

The brown volcanoes are amused. But the little blue volcano keeps trying. And he shows them!

For the technically inclined, one could say that the large brown volcanoes are stratovolcanoes, whereas the little blue volcano is a cinder cone. These are small structures on the sides of stratovolcanoes that serve as kind of vents. When they do erupt, they shoot up geysers hundreds of meters high.

So, this is an actual science lesson as well as funny little "I'll show them" animation. Though a true geologist would probably say that the little blue cinder cone's powers aren't quite that impressive and that the big boys, well, when they let loose, they really let loose.

But, this is supposed to be fun, too.

There, you learned something - and you didn't even notice! The power of animation.


On the web page:
Here is the incredible story of a tiny volcano, trying to explode.
Short movie made during my 4th year at Supinfocom Valenciennes.
Find more details about my projects here :


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