Saturday, May 31, 2014

How Animated Advertising Should Look and Sound

Coke Spot

Animation comes in many different forms, and advertising is one of them.

How Animated Advertising Should Look and Sound. This is a brilliant animation from the Coca-Cola Company. Just because it is an ad spot does not mean it's not worth looking at unless, you know, you seek to overthrow the bond of the capitalist corporate patriarchy that enslaves us and unleash the true power of the People and all that. Quality is quality, and we can learn from and enjoy advertising spots just as much as we can from Disney animation or anything else. Coke, in fact, has some of the best and most enduring television ads - many will remember the "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" ads from the early '70s, quite possibly the best ad of all time.

Some of the greatest talents out there began working on commercials. That includes animators and singers. It's pretty well-known that Barry Manilow, for instance, started out his career as an ad man in the 1960s and came up with advertising jingles that incredibly are still used to this day ("Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there" is just one of many - the company must have thought it had died and gone to heaven when he started singing it in his concerts).

The singer in this ad is Wendy Colonna of Austin, Texas. I think you'll agree that she has a great voice with a heartfelt feel. She reminds of some other, very famous singers, and that suggests she may get there herself someday, too. Presenting this animation is worthwhile just to bring her to your attention by itself, let alone that it is a brilliant, vibrant and highly detailed piece of animation.

Coke Spot


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