Thursday, May 15, 2014

"The Life of a Student Animator"

The Life of a Student Animator

"The Life of a Student Animator."

The Life of a Student Animator - final year character animation project from Caitlin Vickers on Vimeo.

Caitlin Vickers, a student at Teesside University in Tees Valley, Middlesbrough TS1 3BA, United Kingdom, had to do her senior year project for her animation class and she went all-in with it.

This is great because it does capture a lot of the very real frustrations of working with balky software and slow computers and computer crashes and upload errors and waiting endlessly for your project to render and, well, all sorts of problems that are not your fault at all but nobody at all will understand when you're late with your work.

It's a fun little video that made me chuckle. Nice job, Caitlin!

The Life of a Student Animator

From Caitlin's page:

An animation I produced for my final year Computer Animation Project module at Teesside University. We were able to undertake whatever work we chose as long as it was a suitable amount. This idea was based on my own experiences as a student animator (though thankfully I haven't had many computer crashes) and was really fun to make because of that.
The main rig is 'Bonnie' by Josh Sobel. The housemate character was 'Simone', an edited version of the 'Norman' rig. The character on the computer monitor is the 'MooM' rig by Ramtin.
Everything else was done by me, using the following:
Animation and modeling - Autodesk Maya
2D assets - Adobe Photoshop and Quicktime Player (for screen recording)
Music and sound - Logic Pro
Editing - Adobe Premiere
The fonts used in the title are Fine College and Bite the Bullet, both available on
You can see how this idea came about from conception right through production on my blog:
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